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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Animator's Commentary)

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

It may be too late for the 30th Anniversary, but with all the exclusive interviews, it was worth the wait!


If you make it look official, eventually, the right people will see it. And sue you.

"We all shine in our own ways." - JACQUES MULLER

Well, it's finally here! In fact, it's been here for a little while, but we need stuff to talk about on this here LTC Blog, docs and dockettes! Yes, the Roger Rabbit commentary was here for some time, actually, even before it was released to the public! It was announced on the old Ferris Wheelhouse channel, which is no longer with us. The original intention was for it to be a Who Framed Roger Rabbit 30th Anniversary Commentary, but it quickly became the following year (as is often the case). So once January rolled around, we had to face facts: it was now an animator's commentary, and we called it that, mainly because we couldn't call it The Animator's And Also Author's Commentary. I mean, we could, but that would be.... looney! Major kudos go to the original interviewees, for lending their time, and also to David 'Pez' Hofmann for helping with getting them in touch with Trevor. As always, the great video wrangler, Looney Tunes fan and podcaster extraordinaire Shawn McBee was kind enough to lend his two cents along with his millions of cents worth podcast studio where he produces the Ferris Wheelhouse podcast 'Table Reads.'

If you want to see a highlight video of the commentary, click here. If you have your own copy of the movie and want to hear the entire commentary track, you can purchase your own copy of it on the Ferris Wheelhouse Bandcamp Page. #looney #tunes #looneytunescritic

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