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we bat a thousand!

Ferris Wheelhouse, the YouTube channel, has just hit 1K subscribers!

This isn't the first time we at the Wheelhouse have had to do hit this milestone, but we do hope it is the last. As some of you know, we lost our original channel, formed with Trevor and two other partners, on July of last year (2018) and not too long after obtaining the 1K mark. In fact, the above graphic was made in celebration of that 1K mark, not this one. The original channel was lost due to a faulty algorithm that YouTube had with it's associative Google Plus accounts. Many channels got the axe by axe-ident and Ferris was among the chopped. We were waiting to hear back about allowing our channel to monetize, and they told us they wouldn't be able to consider the channel until they could investigate the faulty algorithm, and the earliest that would be was July. On July 1st we got the email that told us the channel had been terminated.

We have since been approved for monetization with this channel, however, so already we've made some progress. It's just a shame we had to wait almost a year to do it.

So thank you to all that have helped us along our journey, and to those that are starting their journey with the Looney Tunes Critic, we at Ferris Wheelhouse look forward to many more.... things. - FERRIS WHEELHOUSE STAFF

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