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taz mania conspiracy theory

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

We all know that in WB's 'Taz Mania' the titular Tasmanian Devil is depicted as a sitcom character. But what if the show itself was a parody of an ACTUAL sitcom?

by Trevor Thompson Well first, let's have a little backstory. Taz Mania was in development for a while because the task of trying to find a successful vehicle for the Tasmanian Devil is arduous at best. Think about it. He can barely speak, he drools and eats whatever he wants. What can you do with that? It was apparently Friz Freleng who heard the trouble WB was having making something out of Taz and said, "Make it a sitcom." Ever the innovator. Thanks, Friz.

I do love Friz, but he apparently never suffered deja vu. So instead, it was we who suffered.

Now at this point, you're going to have to go back. Back into time. To the height of early 90's dramatic television.

I posit to you, dear reader, that while Taz Mania was indeed a sitcom, or rather, if you consider how most of the staples of the sitcom are absent (such as a laugh track and conventional stories), a parody of a sitcom, my theory is that it is actually, in fact, a parody of a specific sitcom. 'Life Goes On.' Oh, blah dee!

If you're not familiar, look it up on YouTube or Wikipedia, I don't have time. It's basically what this picture shows you. A drama/sitcom (also without a laugh track, which is odd, because the show is a lot funnier than it intended to be) about a family where the only boy, Corky, has Down's Syndrome. He can barely speak, he drools and eats whatever he wants. Sound familiar?

I believe a good case could be made that Taz, in his family, might be the only boy with a syndrome of his own (I'm trying very hard not to write 'retarded;' bear with me, I'm old). He's the only one in the family who's different and none of the other devils grunt or growl, they speak perfect English! And if that's not enough? His sister is played by my ex-wife Kellie Martin, as is Corky's!

I miss you, boo. Give me a call some time, after the kids and their dad is asleep.

I'm telling you, home team. This is what actually happens when we're not keeping a steely eye on ol' Hollywood! Actually, to continue to use that word way too much, I don't have much more on the theory than that. I had the idea to do it as a video years ago, but literally nothing else has presented itself as an additional idea to support this... well, I suppose theory is the wrong word. But if it can only be a too-short video, it may as well be a just long enough blog post.

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