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TAT#1 (Tex Avery Tuesdays): "The Haunted Mouse"

It's Tex Avery Tuesdays with Pez and Trevor! This is a show published, of a Tuesday, and that looks at, in great detail, through live commentary and conversational analysis, the least-known Tex Avery cartoons, that of the ones he did at Warner Bros.. And to go even more obscure, the titles selected were not restored at the time of that Tuesdays's recording! Trevor created the show with David 'Pez' Hofmann, who pitched the idea and is largely responsible for the direction of the show and the cartoons that are covered, and why. Here, in their first episode, Trevor and Pez are watching "The Haunted Mouse"... for the first time! Reaction video! OMG! #Reaction#LooneyTunesCritic

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