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Strive Leam Info!

The latest update of the Ferris Wheelhouse Strive Leam, a six hour broadcast of stuff we can't have on our YouTube channel!

So here's how it works. Looney Tunes Critic is one of several shows and video projects under the umbrella of Ferris, which means that the full six hours of this live broadcast won't entirely be made up of cartoons and LTC content.

Ferris Wheelhouse was founded - if such a word can be used - in the mid 2000s as BoooTooons Ltd. by Trevor and two friends of his in Sarasota, FL (Janine and Matthew Nunnery) who had helped make the film he produced in 2007, 'The Process.'

A few years later, he and Janine started a podcast called Touché El Douché and the production company that they formed to run it was Ferris Wheelhouse. Not too long after this, they started, with Matthew aiding with music and programming, to create a website that to this day has never been launched, the official Ferris Wheelhouse site, but this was 2012, and the idea that you could only create original content on your own site (before the rise of social media) was still prevalent (at least in the minds of 2/3 of the company that did not include Mr. Thompson). The plan was to launch the website with multiple episodes of multiple shows already in place.

The point of the Strive Leam is to showcase any Ferris Wheelhouse content (most of which was created in this time period) that couldn't be played on our regular YouTube channel due to copyright issues.

Well nowadays, needless to say, 95% of all Ferris Wheelhouse content is on our YouTube channel (save for this blog and the Table Reads podcast) and if most of your content is on YouTube, it doesn't make a lot of sense to make stuff you couldn't put on YouTube. While this seems obvious now, what wasn't obvious then was a clear line between what types of copyright-containing content you can upload (or, more to the point, monetize) and what types you couldn't, and the line was especially blurry then because, by all accounts, the rules appeared to be different for higher profile content creators.

If you could get your videos hosted on Blip, you didn't have to worry about copyright, but the catch was, they didn't care about content creators who weren't already huge successes. And we were then, and still are, nobodies.

But since the possibility to do that kind of content did exist, Trevor, Janine and Matthew continued to create it, thinking that the solution was to house it within a self-contained website. And while it never happened because to do so would require more bandwidth than even large, corporate-run websites could afford, this logic lead to an over-abundance of content that until now could never be exhibited.

Meanwhile, the Looney Tunes Critic is currently our most popular project, and that's in part due to the cartoon commentaries every Saturday morning. Most have noticed that LTC's prints of the cartoons are in some cases better than what's available, and in other cases, are good versions of cartoons that aren't available at all, so naturally, this leads to a desire for the audience to see these cartoons uncut and without Trevor's commentary. This is how we got 'The Looney Tunes BVA Show.'

B.V.A = Best Version Available

This is one of two Looney Tunes Critic shows that are being made specifically for the Strive Leam. The other will be recreations of episodes of The Bugs Bunny Show using existing elements curated and edited by Golden Age Cartoons' Matt Hunter. These shows, like the stuff made in the old days of Ferris, could never exist on YouTube and as such, will only be available to view on the Strive Leams.

Best Version Available of 'Backwoods Bunny.'

So all that remains are the when and wheres. The when is September 15th from 1pm to 7pm (EST) and the where is the Ferris Wheelhouse Twitch page, and the link is below.

Ferris Wheelhouse doesn't do game plays and we only have this channel on Twitch for one thing: Strive Leams. We will continue to do them as long as they are popular and there aren't any copyright legalities to consider down the road. Any more questions can be answered in the comments. Please DO NOT email questions about the Strive Leam to the email address associated with this blog as it isn't maintained with any regularity or urgency. - FERRIS WHEELHOUSE STAFF

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