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New Season Next Year!

Season 2 of The Looney Tunes Critic on Ferris Wheelhouse begins in 2020!


Oh wow! Season 2, you say? Oh... neat? Neat... neat neat neat-o, what's a saboteur, pop (so sayeth, Annie Cranbran). Hey! Did you even know there was a first season? Apparently! So I didn't know the long form reviews were going to be broken up into seasons, but apparently, that's been the plan all along! The video 5 Non-WB Mel Blanc Looney Tunes Performances is the third LTC video ever made (the commentaries came a few months after its publication) and was made at a time when the reviews were the only intended Looney Tunes videos to be made into a series. It's also the video where the present LTC graphics were introduced. If you look at the color rings at the beginning of the reviews, below the word 'Presents,' you'll see a shape resembling a rectangle with a head bump.

Try to ignore the distracting BRIGHT YELLOW ARROWS.

This little bad boy is a part of the original intro card designs for the classic shorts, and it too was used as a numbering system.

It is unknown - at least by Trevor - how the original cartoons were numbered (probably wasn't the usual 1, 2, 3, etc.), but the LTC reviews use the standard episodic television system (despite Mr. Thompson's aversion to using the word 'episode' to describe non-continuous cartoon shorts) and it goes: season number then episode number. As such, "Season 1, Episode 3" looks like this: S01E03.

Science, baby!

So if you go in order down the playlist for the reviews, you'll notice that these numbers increase in the right order. There is an odd situation that I haven't gotten a satisfactory answer for (Trevor's weird), but the video about Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem isn't numbered (no color rings intro with that one), but it appears in the playlist for the reviews. It's the 13th review in that regard, but Trevor is insisting that the last review of the season is the as-of-yet-unreleased Porky Pig 101 review, resplendent owing to an interview with Jerry Beck. During the cutaway footage of the reviews, the rings are featured in the background and change colors slowly. There are 13 separate color variations and each review has a different-shaded intro. Appropriately enough, the intro for the review for Porky Pig 101 is going to be black and white, as it's the 13th review... but it's not, it's the 14th! Anyway, I don't make the plans, I just report them! So that's what's happening, Trevor has commentaries scheduled for the rest of the year, and a number of quick little videos and remixes for the next 10 months, and the last in-depth review of the year will be Porky Pig 101. No idea when it will be released, but Trevor has recorded his interview with Mr. Beck, so there is that. Also, there will probably be new graphics. That would explain this:


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