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happy 50th birthday bugs logo source

Remember this thing? When Bugs Bunny turned 50, it was everywhere. Trevor thinks he found the original art.


"So, I mentioned this to Pez on the phone a while back. I think the Happy 50th Birthday Bugs logo is aped from a scene from 'Water, Water, Every Hare.' The other day while editing something where I needed a clip from 'Quackbusters,' I came upon that very scene again, so I snagged it. I emailed Pez and he thinks it could very well be. I definitely think it's taken from this, obviously not traced. Anyway, thought it was worth mentioning. - trevor."


Here's the screen grab from 'Water, Water...' that Trevor sent to along.

"MYYYYYY stars! Fifty years, and only one grey hare!"

Do you think Trevor's onto something, or is he just drawing conclusions where there are none and overthinking it? The pictures sure do look similar, nonetheless. Let us know what you guys think! - FERRIS WHEELHOUSE STAFF

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