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ferris wheelhouse strive leam update

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

It's not what it was, and it could be better than what we thought!

Originally, we said we were going to be doing this on Twitch. We still might. But there's reason to believe Twitch isn't going to be a safe place once we're ready for our first broadcast. Here's a few things that Trevor said about it:

"So, the thing about the strive leams is this. The only people who subscribe to FWH ('Ferris Wheelhouse' - Ed.) who care about it at all are the Looney Tunes Critic crowd, because they want to see those cartoons. Nobody cares - at least not yet - about the old FWH stuff we did in the early days with Matthew and Janine. Not even Matthew and Janine. So we should just focus on the cartoons, then." "Twitch may not be a viable option anymore, you guys. I mean, it might be RIGHT THIS SECOND, but we're taking our time with this - rightly in my view - and who knows, by the time we get this thing perfect, Twitch may be... Here's the thing, Twitch is only an option now because its algorithm isn't as sophisticated as YouTube's. If it weren't for that sophisticated algorithm, that can detect copyrighted material live and in real time, we'd be doing it there from our backyard. But just because Twitch hasn't figured out how to do it doesn't mean they aren't working on the problem and very close to finding a solution." "I got a great idea about the Strive Leam from [name deleted]! He does watch parties of old TGIF broadcasts and he just uses Rab.bit. He said you can get up to 20 people to watch, so why don't we just do it that way? We could make it like a contest or something, we get 20 people at a go and make little showings available? I don't know. Something to think about."

So that's where we're headed for the time being, gang! We're going to focus on just the cartoons and getting exclusive watch parties organized. We'll let you know the progress of that as soon as we have more to report!


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