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come back, lcc!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

A 'copycat' commentator is spotted on YouTube and then mysteriously disappears.

Be honest. For half a second you thought this was Trevor's commentary, didn't you?

From Trevor: So there is -- or rather, was - a guy on YouTube who, five months ago from the publication of this article, had four commentaries of cartoons on his channel, two of which were ones that I had already done. A loyal fan of my videos in one of the Looney Tunes Facebook groups I'm in posted a link to his commentary for 'Porky Pig's Feat' and tagged me, asking if I'd seen it. Someone added, "Looks and sounds familiar." This is certainly true even of his namesake; LCC Commentaries. The obvious abbreviation of my working moniker (as this blog's name proves - Ed.) is LTC, but the playlist for my commentaries, it should be noted, is LTC Commentaries. Another way his stuff looks - at first glance - like me. Well, if you look at my thumbnail for the same cartoon, you can certainly concede that his thumbnail looks very similar to mine.

Now, you can't hear it (his, not mine) for yourself anymore, unfortunately. Here's what happened. We started talking about it for a few days in the Facebook group, and then a week or so went by. Then someone commented that his channel was gone! All the links to 'LCC Commentaries' was gone! Everything had been 'removed by user,' meanwhile he only had the four videos and hadn't posted any new ones in four months (at that time), so what was the reason for his channel to suddenly have a self-imposed take-down a week after someone posted about it in a Looney Tunes Facebook group?

I certainly hope none of my fans harassed him. I never wanted his channel to go away.

Quite the opposite, in fact. On the one hand, I was flattered, but more to the point, I liked that apparently my commentaries had made someone else want to do the same thing. It was just.... literally the same thing. But I didn't care then or now that it was a copy of my stuff. I wish there were more people talking about classic animation on YouTube.

Come back, LCC Commentaries! If you're reading this, please come back, re-upload your old commentaries and start making new ones! And if you run into copyright issues, email me and I'll show you how to get around them!

I meant what I said, too. I really hope nobody was harassing LCC supposedly on my behalf because I would never endorse bullying. That being said, maybe the whole thing's a misunderstanding, but a mystery for sure, and one that I'd like to see solved! - trevor. --- So if anyone has any new information regarding the whereabouts and hopeful future of LLC Commentaries, please leave it in the comments, or send an email to - FERRIS WHEEHOUSE STAFF

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